Seasonal Agreement form 2024


Full Seasonal (standard pitch) - £2260

Pitch from: 1st April - 31st October

Holiday use only

Part Seasonal - £1300

Pitch from: 1st April - 17th July

Summer store - £100

back on pitch 4th sept – 31st October

Holiday use only

WINTER Seasonal £1000

Pitch from: 1st Nov - 31st March

Holiday use only

Whats Included?

    • Caravan / Motorhome on pitch (for holiday use only) between 1st April - 31st October (part seasonals off pitch from 17th July - 4th September)
    • 2 named adults
    • Electricity 10amp (400 units for full seasonals and 300 units for part seasonals included). winter seasonal has no units included this is charge extra per usage.
    • Touring caravan / motorhome and an awning or pup tent (must have a breathable ground sheet if on a grass pitch)
    • Parking space for 1 car
    • 2 dogs belonging to the hirer

    Added extras:

    • Additional persons £70 each (under 2yrs free of charge). You can add up to 6 additional persons to your agreement, please ask us first if you want to add more than 6 additional people to your agreement. Maximum 6 persons staying on pitch at any one time.
    • Summer storage for part seasonal pitch holders £100
    • Winter storage £200 available for everyone

 Terms of seasonal pitches

What's NOT included:

  • Anyone staying in your tourer while you are at Polladras, who is not named on the agreement form, these persons will be required to pay the relevant nightly charges. i.e. £6 per extra person & £3 per extra dog. All visitors must be signed in as guests at reception.
  • If anyone stays in your tourer when you are NOT at Polladras and they are not named on the agreement form, they will be required to pay a nightly pitch fee – this is a reduced fixed pitch fee no matter what date they use your caravan. i.e. £20 per night to include 2 persons then £6 per extra person and £3 per dog. All visitors must be signed in as guests at reception.
  • Anyone who visits you whilst you are on the park and are not named on the agreement or paid to be staying in your tourer / motorhome will be required to first sign in at reception and pay the visitor day charge i.e. £6 per person per visit.
  • Winter storage is £200. If your van is staying with us over winter store you will be required to complete a storage agreement form.
  • Summer storage for part seasonal customers is £100.


Anything else I should know?

  • You will need to keep your caravan exterior clean and tidy; we can do this for you for an extra cost. Legs, locks etc must be kept oiled or greased and in good condition to enable easy movement of your caravan for pitch maintenance etc. If this is not done there is an extra charge for the additional time taken to move your caravan.
  • We will cut the grass as close as possible to your caravan and awning, but strimming will be your responsibility. If you would like us to do it for you (or your pitch is not kept in good order) we will tidy it and invoice you for the cost. Please note we have hand mowers and small strimmer's for you to borrow.
  • Electric leads are to be unplugged when you are not on the Park. Our pitches have a 10amp electric supply.
  • It is advisable to take awnings down, (ground sheets must be removed) if you are not on the Park.
  • We need to hold a set of keys for your caravan and any clamps or safety locks.
  • You must have an insurance policy in place for your time on the park.
  • The proprietors cannot accept any responsibility for damage incurred to your caravan whilst at Polladras Holiday Park.
  • We now operate a maximum of 28 consecutive days staying on site with 7 days off the park in between stays.
  • Storing your caravan for winter/summer, customers will not have access to their caravans until the date it is booked to go back onto pitch, this is because your caravan will be put at the back of our storage compound. (If you think you will need access to your caravan while in store, we would need to know before your caravan is moved into store). In exceptional circumstances where you need your caravan out of store, extra charges will incur. 


Booking Conditions

We do not operate a cancellation scheme and would advise customers to seek their own cover to safe guard themselves if they find they have to cancel the agreement with us.

      • The Seasonal Pitch Fee you pay helps us to run the Park. You will see some of our work when you are using your Caravan. Other work may be done when you are not here, including when the Park is closed. There will be times when we do not allow you to use the Caravan. The Agreement Period may be less than the full calendar year. Exceptionally, a change in relevant laws and regulatory requirements may temporarily prevent us from doing so during the Agreement Period (“Exceptional Park Closure”). Such changes may also prevent us allowing you to use some of the Pitch Services, or the Park Services, even though we allow you to use the Caravan (“Exceptional Withdrawal of Services”). The Seasonal Pitch Fee will remain due throughout any such time. This reflects the long-term commitments we make to each other for the full Agreement Period. We will still be complying with our obligation to allow you to keep the Caravan on the Pitch. We will still be committed to allowing you to use it for holiday and recreational purposes when circumstances allow, to supplying the Pitch and Park Services when we are able and to insuring and maintaining the common parts of the Park.
      • The terms “Exceptional Park Closure” and “Exceptional Withdrawal of Services” include government changes in law due to covid-19. In these circumstances no refund or credits will be given.
      • Transferring your pitch to new owners If you sell your caravan mid season your seasonal pitch can be transferred to the new owners but there will be an additional surcharge (10% of pitch fee) paid by either yourself or the new owners and the new owners must meet and agree to and sign all terms and conditions before a sale can be completed.
      • Seasonal pitch cost is made up of a base cost which covers the part seasonal dates and includes 2 people, 2 dogs and 400 units of electricity for full seasonals and 300 units of electricity for part seasonals . You can then pay extra for things like additional persons, summer storage or upgrade to full seasonal to stay on pitch for the school summer holidays.
      • Deposit payment 25% deposit is due when you are securing your pitch, and no later than 15th September, this is non-refundable
      • Balance payment is due one month prior to arrival (1st March) once this payment has been received refunds will not be made. If you wish to pay your balance in cash on arrival please inform John & Rachael. Any balances that are not paid by the 1st march without prior arrangement will incur late payment fees of £50 per week.
      • Bookings can only be accepted from families or couples where the booking member is over 21 and is part of the holiday party.
      • Seasonal touring pitches are for holiday use and not for living on site and certainly not working from site.
      • Your seasonal pitch is for named persons on the agreement and friends / family who pay the additional charges. You are prohibited from sub-letting your pitch / tourer / motorhome.
      • You agree that a breathable ground sheet will be used when an awning/extra tent is erected and picked up when you are not on site, this allows the grass to recover.
      • If we find that this is not the case you will be liable to pay the costs incurred to repair the ground.
      • Polladras holiday park MUST hold a set of Keys to your caravan and any locks that you have for your caravan. At the end of the season if your caravan will be left on its pitch for the winter, it is Important that you leave your caravan packed away ready for us to move your caravan to enable us to cut the hedges & general site maintenance.
      • Polladras holiday park is not responsible for your touring caravan / motor home, any awnings and contents of your van also any safety issues regarding your van.
      • Visitors must sign in at reception and pay the day visitor charge.
      • All our customers / visitors are requested to respect the peace and enjoyment of fellow guests and sleeping children. All noise, radios, TVs etc to be kept to a minimum and dead quiet after 10pm.
      • Our speed limit is 5 miles an hour or less on all parts of the park.

    • Any vehicles, awning & gazebo must fit onto your pitch.
    • No items are to be kept underneath the caravan whilst not occupied, including spare wheels, body boards, surf boards etc, which are to be stored inside the caravan.
    • Please do not tie washing lines to trees, these damage and even kill off our trees. If you wish to erect a washing line, you may if you wish put up a rotary line, however, we ask that this be out of sight please.
    • Storage boxes please see John or Rachael to discuss
    • Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times, except in top field. No dogs allowed in toilets, laundry room or left unattended in awning, caravan or car. Please pick up after your pet and place in a sealed bag, deposit in the bins provided.
    • Parents or guardians are responsible for the safety and well being of children in their charge, especially in the play area.
    • Rules must be adhered to. No ball games, throwing or shooting any projectiles in car park, roadways, empty pitches. Please use designated area.
    • The proprietors cannot accept responsibility in respect of any personal injury or loss/damage to visitors and their property however caused.
    • The owners and managers reserve the right to deny access or eject any persons who in their opinion are in breach of booking conditions.
    • All prices are inclusive of VAT

    If you wish to proceed and reserve a pitch, please complete the agreement form at the bottom of this page.

    To reserve your pitch a deposit of 25% is required, once you have received a confirmation email from us that your booking has been processed please use the link on the email to pay your deposit by card online.

    Deposits for existing seasonal customers should be paid no later than September 15th.

    Balance payments are then to be paid in full by 1st March. Any balances that are not paid by the 1st March without prior arrangement will incur late payment fees of £50 per week.

    All payments are non-refundable. We do not operate a cancellation scheme and would advise customers to seek their own cover to safe guard themselves if they find they have to cancel the agreement with us.

    Once your booking is processed you will receive a confirmation email with a link to pay your deposit by card online.

    If you have any problems paying online let us know.

    Please only fill out this form if you have already been in touch with us about availbility.

    If you are just enquiring about a pitch then please send us and enquiry using the form on the seasonal page HERE

    Seasonal Agreement Form 2024

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    DD slash MM slash YYYY