Storage Agreement Form


Benefits of storing with us

  • No worry, hassle or increased fuel costs of towing your caravan each visit.
  • Your caravan is not taking up space at home.
  • Come and go whenever you choose – use the site as often as you, your family and friends wish, only paying site fees when you stay.
  • Enjoy the freedom of exploring all that Cornwall has to offer and the facilities of our beautiful park.
  • Your caravan is stored safely in our secure storage area.
  • We will tow out your caravan to a vacant pitch as required free of charge if staying at least 3 nights with 48 hours notice.
  • We return your caravan to storage after you have left, ready for your next visit.

Long term storage

Storage cost at Polladras Holiday Park is:

£105 per quarter

£200 6 monthly 

£385 yearly

£150 winter store (seasonals only)

£60 summer store (seasonals only)

Payment terms

All payments must be received in advance via standing order and are non-refundable should you decide to leave early

An initial payment will be worked out using the daily / weekly / monthly fee's depending on your arrival date to take you to the end of the current quarterly invoicing period, then standing orders are to be set up for ongoing regular payments.

All standing orders MUST be set up on the correct days / month (see below) in accordance with our invoicing dates

Please note, all payments should be made in advance, if your account becomes in arrears and we find ourselves chasing you for outstanding amounts, there will be an admin fee of £5 per overdue month, added to the outstanding charge.


Standing order payment dates

Quarterly - £105 standing order on the 1st of January, April, July & October

6 monthly - £200 standing order on the 1st April & 1st October

Yearly - £385 Standing order on the 1st April


Your initial payment when you first arrive

When a van/unit is first brought into store an advance payment is required to cover the daily, weekly or monthly charge to take you to the end of the current quarter. This payment is required before a van/unit goes into store, then a quarterly standing order should be set up.

If there are 14 or more days to the end of the month, the full month payment of £35 is applicable. If less than 14 days, the weekly charge of £17.50 per week plus the daily charge of £3.50 per day will be applied.

Subsequent payments are to be made via standing order only, this can be done with your bank we will provide bank details for this.

These payments should be paid on the first of the applicable month and tagged with your initial and surname.

  For storage at Polladras, we require you to agree to the following terms & conditions


That the storage of your caravan or other items at Polladras is entirely at your own risk.

That the proprietors will not be held responsible for any loss of contents from within the caravan, theft of the caravan from the site, or damage caused to the caravan by the weather or from the result of third party incidents and accidents.


Caravan Movement

That when your caravan is in storage, it can be removed by us in and out from our storage space area at any time, for the purposes of storage operations as required, maintenance of the storage area, and in the case of any emergency such as fire.

That to allow such movements to occur with maximum ease and minimum time spent:-

  • We are supplied with any keys or other tools for releasing wheel clamps, tow ball hitches or any other device used for security or other purposes, preventing movement of your caravan. We also need to be supplied with keys to open caravan in case of alarm or smoke alarm activation.
  • Caravan tyres are kept in good condition. Any punctures or defects occurring will be notified to you for your attention.
  • Caravan stays are in good working order and greased to ensure easy movement.
  • Jockey wheels are kept in place, maintained and operate in good working order.
  • The handbrake is in good working condition and the lever can be operated with ease.
  • No items are kept underneath the caravan whilst in storage, including spare wheels, which are to be stored inside the caravan prior to being put in storage.
  • The caravan is kept in a clean and tidy state, we can wash the caravan for you at a charge, please ask at reception.

We ask that any caravan maintenance required to achieve the above be carried out prior to the start of the storage period. If subsequently during a caravan movement we find a maintenance problem we will notify you of it and that the problem needs rectifying.  If in the final event the maintenance problem is not rectified within a reasonable period, we reserve the right to discontinue the storage of your caravan.

That those customers wanting their caravan to go into storage between on site visits ensure, prior to departure, that on the pitch:-

  • The underneath of the caravan is free of all items including spare wheels, trolleys, water containers, barbecues, and children’s play equipment. Anything large that cannot be stored inside the caravan; we will be willing to see whether there is any storage space on site available but at your risk.
  • No fixtures external to your caravan remain in situ such as TV aerials, windbreaks, electric hook up cables, washing lines, external gas bottles.


Caravans out of store

We require at least 48 hours’ notice for your unit to be taken out of store.

A charge of £5 will be payable to have your unit taken out of store for you to take away and put back into store on your return (we will move your caravan onto the hard standing and return it from there).

We offer a free tow to pitch for all bookings for three nights or more.

Bookings for one / two nights only then the £5 out of store charge will be applied.

Charges are payable in advance and are non-refundable.


Overdue accounts

A charge of £5 per month will be applicable for any overdue balances.

Quarterly payments should be paid by in advance on the 1st of the first of January, April, July & October.

Additional charges will be made if outstanding balances are not paid for.

Please note, if your caravan storage bill remains unpaid for a three-month period and we have not had any correspondence from you regarding the situation.  We shall endeavour to start proceedings to recover outstanding debts, this may result in the sale of caravan/unit or goods to cover cost of debt and free up the storage area.

If you wish to proceed and reserve a space in our storage area, please complete the agreement form at the bottom of this page. Please do not fill out the form if you do not know what date your van will be arriving with us.

Your intial payment will be worked out depending on your arrival date, this is to be paid in full prior to your van arriving on site.

We will email you our bank account details so you can set up your regular standing order

Please only fill out this form if you have already been in touch with us about availability.

If you are just enquiring about a space in storage then please send us and enquiry using the form on the contact us page HERE

Storage Agreement Form

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